Day 61, Demons be gone.

Waking up hangover free never gets old. I mean, my routine prior to this sobriety journey used to consist of; panic sleep, wake, up, rush, brush, eat and then repeat the next morning. Now I calmly awake, in my long blue nightdress whilst a peek of sunlight appears through my curtains. I stir, wait for the little bluebirds to circle around my head and then promptly slip out of bed excited for the new day ahead. Alright, most of that is true. I’m still working on the little bluebirds, emulating Cinders.
It really is the simple things that make me smile. Which to most people, are the norm. I love nothing more than planning on what to have for breakfast, as my fridge is now full of nutritious foods, ready to fuel my body and mind for the new day ahead. A complete juxtaposition from my drinking days (61 ago) where my fridge would feature a couple of empty bottles of sauvignon, some strange caramelised marmalade and a bit of stale feta. My money and time use to focus on intoxication, as opposed to nutrition. For some, it’s the big changes, but for me, it’s always the little things. Slowly chipping away at the mountainous challenge that lays ahead of me, a life of sobriety. However, it’s only a challenge, if we make it one, isn’t it?
Happy Tuesday!
M x

Comfort with a Capital C.

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