I am Margot, a thirty year old female who has finally had enough of feeling hungover. I was fed up of feeling fed up. I was tired of feeling anxious, paranoid and was basically just existing, rather than living. I binned the big A and began my sober journey on the 7th June 2019. I reached a point where enough was enough. I spoke the words to my closest, “I am never drinking again, I mean it this time”. (whilst hungover, surrounded by carbs and tissues)

In a world of drinkers, I chose to rebel. I choose not to drink. This way, I can channel my inner rebellion, into something beautiful, not broken.

If you would like to join me on my journey, have a little peak at my blog posts. Everything I have written is open, honest and from the heart. This is my journey…

The Margot Movement. The State of Being Sober.

M x

Let’s build something together.

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